Best Mobile Apps for Learning and Playing Chess

Did you know has over 150 million players worldwide? This shows how much people love chess in the digital era. If you want a great way to learn and play chess anywhere, mobile apps are the way to go. They make this old game fit our modern life by mixing interactive lessons, games, and tailored training.

Chess has been beloved worldwide for centuries, challenging both strategy and smarts. Now, with chess mobile apps, it’s super easy to dive into this game, no matter your skill level. Whether you’ve been playing for years or just starting, these apps offer lessons, matches, and training personalized for you, making it easy to improve while on the move.

Key Takeaways

  • has a community of over 120 million online chess players.
  • The app offers 500,000+ unique chess puzzles for users to enjoy.
  • More than 20 million chess games are played daily on the platform.
  • users can choose from various chess variants such as Chess960, Puzzle Rush, and Puzzle Battle.
  • The app provides in-depth performance stats about games, puzzles, and lessons.
  • offers a 7-day free trial to test premium features.
  • Basic members have access to weekly puzzles, lessons, game reports, and ChessTV.

Introduction to Mobile Chess Apps

Mobile chess apps have changed how we play the game. They bring convenience and a variety of options that traditional chess sets can’t match. Now, over 150 million players across the globe can play chess online, making the game more accessible. Beginners and experienced players alike find something useful. Features like interactive tutorials, global real-time matches, and game analysis help players. They cater to those just starting and players wanting to improve their game.

Platforms like and Lichess have built vast communities. has over 120 million online players who play more than 20 million games every day. They offer over 350,000 unique puzzles and more than 20 board themes, including 2D and 3D options. This makes playing chess online visually enjoyable. is great for those looking to get better at chess. It has hundreds of lessons and videos made by chess masters. They offer three affordable membership levels at $30, $50, and $80 per year. These memberships provide access to a wide range of features to enhance your game.

AI Factory’s Chess app also improves the learning experience. It has 12 levels of play, from Novice to Master. Players can choose between casual and professional modes, learning at their own pace. The app supports 2-player games and online matches. This bridges the gap between digital play and playing in real life.

In conclusion, mobile chess apps have truly changed how we play chess. They mimic the real chessboard, offer interactive content, and connect players around the world. These apps provide a complete and easy-to-use platform for enjoying and mastering the game of chess.

Chess.com500,000+ Puzzles, 20+ Board Themes, Lessons by Masters120 Million+ Players$30, $50, $80/year
AI Factory’s Chess12 Play Levels, Casual & Pro Modes, 2D & 3D Pieces60 Million+ PlayersFree with Ads

Comprehensive Chess Platforms

Looking for a chess platform that has it all? There are several top choices for both beginners and advanced players. On both iOS and Android, these platforms offer unique features. Depending on what you want from your chess experience, you’ll find each one valuable. The Ultimate Chess Experience is known as the top chess platform. It offers lessons, tactics training, and various playing modes on both android and iOS. For $5, $7, or $14 per month, you get extra features. Paying yearly saves you money, making it a great option.

Lichess: A Free and Open-Source Solution

Want a free chess app that’s also comprehensive? Lichess is perfect for both android and iOS users. It gives you tutorials, puzzles, and the ability to play online, all without ads. Being open-source, Lichess stays free and accessible. It’s a favorite among chess players.

Chess24: Tutorials and Live Streams

Chess24 is great for learning by watching. This app offers in-depth tutorials and streams professional games. It’s available for both android and iOS users. Watching live tournaments and learning from professionals can improve your strategy. It’s an interactive way to enhance your game.

DevicesiOS, AndroidiOS, AndroidiOS, Android
Key FeaturesLessons, tactics, modes, social networkingTutorials, puzzles, analysesTutorials, live streams

Whether you prefer’s rich features, Lichess’s free service, or Chess24’s educational content, there’s an app for you. Each app is tailored to fit different preferences and learning styles. They help every chess lover to improve and enjoy the game more.

Focused Training Apps

Looking to get better at certain chess skills? Focused training apps have what you need. They offer tailored learning, from tactical drills to endgame challenges. These tools are great for all players wanting to up their game.

Chess Tactics Pro: Master Your Tacticians Skills

Chess Tactics Pro is an online chess app for boosting your tactical skills. It offers puzzles and mini-games aimed at tactical mastery. Available for both Android and iOS users, it’s great for anyone. No matter your level, this app will test and improve your tactical play.

CT-ART: Over 1300 Tactical Exercises

CT-ART offers over 1300 drills for deep tactical training. This chess tactics app is perfect for those serious about learning. Its structured lessons help you get better step by step, on Android and iOS.

Chess Endgame Training

Winning at chess often comes down to the endgame. The Chess Endgame Training app hones in on this crucial stage. With various scenarios to work through, it’s ideal for improving your endgame. This online chess app can help you understand endgames better.

Here’s how these apps stack up:

AppFocus AreaPlatform
Chess Tactics ProTactical PuzzlesAndroid, iOS
CT-ARTTactical ExercisesAndroid, iOS
Chess Endgame TrainingEndgame ScenariosAndroid, iOS

Chess Mobile Apps for Kids

Making chess part of a child’s day is more fun with a cool chess app. ChessKid is a top platform built for kids. It offers fun lessons, puzzles, and games, aimed at making chess learning fun and effective.

chess learning app

ChessKid: Fun and Interactive Learning

The ChessKid app shines by making chess learning interactive and user-friendly for kids. It has a huge user base, with over 500,000 chess games played monthly by over 200,000 active users, showing that it’s a hit among its community.

It’s popular, with 50,000 players loving its games. Also, ChessKid keeps kids hooked with more than 350,000 puzzles to solve. This app is used by 3 million kids globally, proving its wide appeal.

The benefits extend beyond just the number of puzzles:

  • Gold members get unlimited puzzles and videos.
  • Backed by, the top chess website.
  • Over 2,000 schools trust it for chess teaching.

ChessKid combines educational content with fun learning. It aims to connect and educate a worldwide chess-playing community of kids.

Monthly Games500,000+
Active Users200,000+
Puzzles Available350,000+
Schools Using App2,000+
Total User Base3 million kids

Personalized Chess Training

The chess world is always changing, and a personal touch can really help you grow. Chessimo app offers training just for you. It helps make your chess game better in a smart way.

Chessimo is special because it gives lessons that fit just where you are in your skills. You get feedback from Dr. Wolf after each move. It’s full of smart details that help you understand why each move matters.

Chessimo: Tailored Training Experience

Users say the Chessimo app is awesome for learning chess, whether you’re into deep strategies or just starting out. Their chess gets better, and so does their confidence. This makes them even more excited about playing.

The app works well for all ages and skill levels, making chess fun for everyone. There’s a free version and a premium version for $7.99 a month. The free one gives you one analysis report a month, but premium gives you unlimited reports.

  1. Unlimited game analysis reports and analysis of the last 1000 online games
  2. Two times deeper analysis compared to the free version
  3. Unlimited daily training sessions, including core and premium lessons
  4. Ability to track multiple accounts across platforms like, Lichess, and Chess24
  5. Aimchess technology that aggregates game data for generalizable guidance

An annual premium subscription is $4.85 a month, billed yearly at $57.99. You can pay with credit cards, PayPal, and soon Google Pay. If you have other ways you want to pay, just email customer support.

Free$0One 40-game analysis report per month
Premium Monthly$7.99Unlimited game analysis, two times deeper analysis, unlimited daily training
Premium Annual$4.85 per month ($57.99 annually)All premium features with annual savings

Chessimo uses personal lessons and cool technology to help you get better at chess. It gives feedback just for you, with lessons that match your level. That makes learning chess really effective and fun.

Specialized Chess Tools

In the chess world, having a well-paced game is crucial. This helps sharpen skills and feels like real tournaments. A chess clock app is a great tool for this. It lets players time their moves, teaching valuable time management skills.

Chess Clock: Time Your Games

The Chess Clock app is free on both Android and iOS. It’s easy to use and offers accurate timing. It’s perfect for practicing tournament conditions or casual play at home.

chess clock app

A chess clock app helps players watch their time. It also makes them decide faster, mimicking real game stress.

Here’s a comparison of some chess tools:

AppPlatformPriceUnique Features
Chess ClockiOS, AndroidFreeSimple, intuitive interface
Chess Clock DeluxeiOS, Android$0.99Customizable time controls
Real Chess ClockiOS, AndroidFreeVarious time controls, easy reset

Using these tools can change how you play chess. It makes games more structured and strategic. Whether for tournaments or improving time skills, these apps blend technology with the traditional game beautifully.

Online and Community Chess Platforms

Today, online and community chess platforms are vital. They help players enhance their skills and connect with others who love the game. These platforms are designed to boost learning and social interaction in the chess world.

Magnus Trainer

The Magnus Carlsen chess app is full of lessons and puzzles from the world champion. It’s a great choice for those wanting to learn chess strategies from a top player. It costs $8 per month, $75 per year, or $300 for a one-time payment. Users get lots of resources to sharpen their chess skills and strategy.

Social Chess

Social Chess creates a relaxed, welcoming space for players. It’s less formal than other apps, focusing on fun and socialization. For an annual fee of $10, players get extra features and customization options. It’s perfect for those who enjoy a laid-back approach but still want to play competitively and meet other chess fans.

App NameKey FeaturesSubscription Cost
Magnus TrainerLessons by Magnus Carlsen, extensive exercises$8/month, $75/year, or $300 one-time fee
Social ChessCasual games, community-driven experience$10/year

Specific Use-Case Apps

Are you a chess lover looking for something different? There are apps out there for you. One such app that stands out is the unconventional chess app called Really Bad Chess. It provides new and engaging challenges.

Really Bad Chess

Really Bad Chess changes the classic game by mixing up the pieces on each board. This means chess game variation makes every game unique. Players must think quickly and adapt. Even experienced players will find it thrilling. It’s a great way to boost your strategic skills.

unconventional chess app

Unlike structured training apps like Chesso and Magnus Trainer, Really Bad Chess is unpredictable and fun. This unconventional chess app is ideal for those eager to test themselves. It lets you see chess in a new light.

Check out the table below. It shows features of different chess apps, like Really Bad Chess and Chesso. It will help you see what each offers in terms of chess variations.

AppUnique FeatureBest For
Really Bad ChessRandomized Piece PlacementPlayers seeking unconventional challenges
ChessoVisualisation Layers for Move ExplanationsBeginners and Intermediate Players
Magnus TrainerLessons from World Champion Magnus CarlsenPlayers of All Levels
LichessFree and Ad-Free Chess ExperienceAll Chess Enthusiasts

Chess Mobile Apps

Today, there are many chess mobile apps for every player. You can find strategic guides or play quick games with AI or live players. Downloading a chess app can boost your love for the game. It can also improve your skills. Chess strategy apps are great for those who want to get better. is a top choice with over 150 million users worldwide. It offers over 350,000 puzzles and lets you play over 10 million games each day. With a huge community of 60 million players, there’s always someone to play with. The app also has daily tournaments with thousands joining in. These make for a lively and challenging experience. has many game types like chess960 and blitz chess. It makes playing chess fun and varied. You can also learn from interactive lessons and track your progress. This helps you see how you’re getting better over time.

Its free 2-player mode is great. You can play quick matches or longer games. It means you can always find a game that fits your time.

Players Worldwide150 million+
Chess Tactics Puzzles350,000+
Daily Chess Games10 million+
Online Chess Community60 million+
Daily TournamentsThousands of participants
Chess VariantsChess960, Blitz Chess, Puzzle Battle, and more
Interactive TutorialsLessons by masters
Performance StatisticsTrack progress in games, puzzles, lessons
2-Player Chess ModeFree, real-time games (1 minute to 30+ minutes)

If you want to get better at chess, I suggest you download a chess app. Choose one that meets your needs. With the right app, you can take your chess skills higher.


The world of chess mobile apps has changed a lot, making learning and playing chess much easier. These apps have everything from beginner lessons to expert strategies. They offer a complete, fun, and interactive way to get into chess today.

The study from August 2013, EXPERIMENTAL STUDIES OF ANDROID APP DEVELOPMENT FOR SMART CHESS BOARD SYSTEM, shows these apps have cool features. You can now play in real-time with people around the world, get detailed game analysis, enjoy personalized coaching, and join chess communities. This research, with its 26 figures and nine tables, clearly shows how these apps have improved.

These apps are built with care, covering architecture, methods, and how users see and use the app. This means whether you’re playing chess for fun or getting ready for a tournament, the top chess apps for mobile have your back. Using these apps can make you much better at chess, helping you with every move you make.

Finally, picking the right chess app can change how you see and play the game. You get custom lessons, can play against others worldwide, and join a lively chess community. Dive into the mobile chess app world and see how it helps you grow in this strategic game.

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